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The applique is the most evocative element might exist in the field of decoration. They are decorative stuccoes whose history goes back to the first great pre-Christian civilizations who occupied our world, from the ancient Egyptians to the prestigious Mesopotamian people. As matter of fact, the applique is just the evolution of the rudimentary wooden torches dampened with oil that often we are used to imagine in the dark maze of a pyramid, or in the gloomy passages of some castle dungeons. For this reason, the applique followed man in every step of his history, evolving along with him to the point that it imposed to the art of decoration a real ‘applique culture’. Although technology improves and man could get along without this ‘modern torch’, the applique never extinguished. Moreover, his employment becomes more and more frequent because modern man has rediscovered the charm of history and he cares about reproducing his roots in every aspect.
It is sufficient to think about the large reception rooms that make extensive use of applique to re-evoke the luxury and splendour of the great court of Versailles or of the unique Victorian era castles. Or, without necessarily propose haughty examples, it is sufficient to come in a small restaurant in some little towns to notice some more primitive-looking applique, typical of the great medieval castles they want to imitate. Not only the appliques are evocative elements, but they also have an exalting function: it is what happens in the great cathedrals or in the art museums, where these admirable stuccoes give value to a scene of Christ’s crucifixion or to the most prestigious painting of a museum. For all these reasons, the applique is the perfect solution for every location to embellish or to give prominence to something that you care, a reproduction of a work by Van Gogh or a precious photo of your family. Therefore, the applique is a decoration of high historical value, an artifact that will illuminate your heart and it deserves to be known by the world, because this is the history of decorations.