About LAGIOIASTUCCHI’s decorative stuccoes, you can both see a preview of PLASTER FIREPLACES catalogue (by clicking on the images above) and download it in PDF, by clicking here.


This kind of decorative stuccoes are plaster artifacts proposed to adorn the first house heating system ever made by man. These are known as fireplaces.
It may seem trivial, but fireplaces have been important as much for the noble as for the humble servant in the course of history. It is sufficient to say that nowadays we tremble if we cannot use heating on a cold day of winter. Therefore, because of its extension to all social classes, fireplaces are suitable for any kind of decor you have in mind, both the rustic farmer’s house and the luxurious room of a nineteenth-century palace. You should remember the great artistic value of fireplaces first attributed by the Normans, who were the inventors of the chimney which improved the fireplace performance minimizing the emission of pollutants in the house.
But it was in the XIII century that fireplaces took on a real artistic prestige first in France and then in Spain and Italy, where we find the best examples of fireplaces finished to the smallest detail, such as the one in Palazzo delle Contesse of Mel, or the famous Faenza fireplace made by Donatello.
These are precisely the models which our company draws on, but if you want a more intimate and less flashy decor we can also satisfy you. What matters to us is to be able to offer a wide range of products, avoid any kind of discomfort and allow you to be spoiled for choice.