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This kind of decorative stuccoes are plaster artifacts that have characterized many ceilings of ancient architectural structures. As a matter of fact, their charm had already won the architects of ancient Rome, who gave value to their beauty with exemplar monuments such as the Basilica of Maxentius.
But what do we mean exactly? Coffers are simply compartments in the ceiling arranged in a regular way, usually checkerboard.
Architects that have marked their history usually preferred to use squared, rectangular or octagonal coffers to decorate the ceilings. The most unique quality of coffers is the impressive visual impact they create, not only for their beauty, but for the ability they have to value the environment. A living room decorated with a coffered ceiling will give a different look to all the other works of art in the room, combining them and adapting them each other. Therefore, in a living room or in a “Greek art” themed room, you will have the impression that even a Renaissance painting is perfectly suited into the environment.
The artistic value of coffers was rediscovered in the Renaissance and Baroque periods and they found wide use in neoclassical architecture, as proved by the ceiling of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence and the Duomo of Pisa. But the main example that shows the magic of coffers is the Pantheon.
It is thought that it was not intentional to make the ceiling in this way, but it was a necessity dictated by the need to lighten the dome. However, the final effect was excellent and probably it was the beginning of the great evolution of coffers. Our company has the excellence of coffers so that you can recreate a bit of that ancient history magic in your home.